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Kasa Koru is a private sanctuary, available to rent to groups of guests, set against picturesque mountains at the gateway of Geres-Peneda national park, situated in Terras de Bouro, Northern Portugal.
Kasa Koru needed to differentiate their unique property in an already saturated market and a website that would allow customers to rent their accommodation but also wanted to use it as a means to promote their furniture design company and events that will take place there in the future. 

Kasa Koru was crafted with passion and considered creativity. The house is decorated in themes and artefacts reflecting the hosts times spent in various pockets of the world, revealing the soul of the place with irresistible style and flair, and this style has been carried through to the design of the website.
Cat produced an outstanding website for our holiday rental property, really going the extra mile to capture the essence not only of our home but also enveloping our concepts and conveying, very creativity, exactly who we are and our approach to life.
Thanks Cat, it was a delight to work with you to help make a big part of our dream come true. 
Tracey & Tonie, Kasa Koru

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